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Information Security

  • Whoever owns information owns the world. Scientific and technological progress has made companies dependent on information systems, and at the same time, vulnerable to attacks by intruders, computer viruses, which many business owners can no longer feel safe.
Ensuring information security should be aimed primarily at preventing risks, and not at eliminating their consequences. It is the adoption of preventive measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, as well as the availability of information that is the most correct approach in creating an information security system.

Information infrastructure security breaches and related operational failures entail significant financial and reputational losses. An intruder into the corporate network, obtaining unlimited rights to manage the IT infrastructure, installing malware with unpredictable functionality - this is what threatens information security neglect in this area.

Simultaneously with the growth of threats aimed at stopping the business, there is a growing need for qualified IT personnel who can ensure the resilience of the company, assess risks in a timely manner and implement mechanisms to counter threats.
Protecting corporate resources from hacking, viruses, spam, countering cybercriminals and suppressing internal fraud, repelling DDoS attacks and attempts to steal confidential data - these are tasks that can be successfully solved by SQ Telecom employees.
Our experts will conduct an audit of your company's IT security, identify weaknesses and help implement systems to counter cyber threats, and ensure a high level of security of information resources.
  • Our services include a full range of solutions and procedures for building effective protection against threats to corporate information security, audit of existing security systems and recommendations for their development. Implementing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems and the creation of complex solutions for information security management. You can get a consultation by filling out the contact form.