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Cloud technologies and IT services for business
Optimization and reduction of IT costs

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Cloud IT services SQ Telecom

Enterprise secure email solution
Secure virtual business telephony service

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Cloud solutions from SQ Telecom

Monitoring system for IT services and equipment
Cluster object-relational DBMS for large projects

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Cloud IT Solutions SaaS/IaaS


Secure corporate email service for business.

  • mail service on your domain
  • sending and receiving correspondence, internal corporate secure chat
  • privileged access for the company administrator
  • spam filters and email encryption, protection against BruteForce and DDoS attacks
  • support for your company's domain, primary and secondary DNS
  • data storage in secure data centers in Ukraine and Europe
  • 24/7 monitoring and automatic backups
  • no implementation costs
  • support and maintenance
  • You can get advice through the contact form.


Secure virtual business telephony service.

  • high quality communication, encrypted conversations
  • free corporate calls
  • multichannel number, IVR, call forwarding, recording and listening of calls
  • Call statistics, analytics
  • savings on city, intercity and international calls
  • no need to build trunks with operators
  • accessibility from anywhere where there is Internet
  • support and maintenance
  • You can order the service through the contact form.


Automatic monitoring system for IT services and equipment.

  • monitoring the state of the IT infrastructure in real time
  • collection and storage of crash data, analytics
  • notification of problems by email, sms and Telegram
  • graphs of CPU load, memory, disk space, network interfaces, communication channels and network equipment
  • reduction of costs for IT staff
  • support and maintenance
  • You can get advice through the contact form.


Cloud SaaS service. Clustered object-relational database for large projects and business intelligence.

  • high reliability, data integrity, ease of use
  • high availability, scaling, load balancing
  • data security, access via IPv4 / IPv6 only from privileged IP addresses
  • 24/7 monitoring and automatic backups
  • reduction of IT costs, there is no need to purchase and maintain equipment
  • support and maintenance, we provide assistance in migration
  • You can order a service or get a consultation here.

Virtual Data Center vDC

Rent of dedicated virtual servers VPS/VDS

  • Full root-access to the virtual environment
  • High performance & 100% customer isolation
  • From 4x vCPU and from 8Gb Memory
  • Fast speed SSD SAS Raid/NVMe
  • Uninterrupted power supply of equipment
  • The ability to install any OS
  • Scalability and configuration flexibility
  • Data backup
  • Speed between servers in the cloud 10Gbit/s
  • Dedicated IPv4/IPv6 address
  • Internet access at speeds of 100Mbit/s
  • Savings on deployment and maintenance
  • Infrastructure is hosted in a Tier III data center
  • You can get a consultation through the form contacts.