We connected to UA-IX


SQ TELECOM, LLC has joined the Ukrainian IP traffic exchange point UA-IX and has become its full member.

We have registered the SQtelCRM® trademark


SQ TELECOM, LLC received the exclusive right to use the SQtelCRM trademark and registered the SQtelCRM.UA domain. From now on, any use of the SQtelCRM trademark without the owner's permission is illegal and prosecuted.

SQ Telecom, LLC has introduced cloud services.


SQ Telecom completed testing and implemented four cloud services: corporate email, virtual VoIP PBX, monitoring of IT services and network equipment, and PostgreSQL cluster DBMS. From the New Year 2021, services will be available to customers as a service with a monthly payment for use.

Lockdown is not a doom for businesses


Many companies had to shift remote working for their business to survive during the pandemic and the lockdown. Commonly, this would raise concerns among business owners. Apart from usual work time tracking, there is a pressing issue of safety for which the business does not have technical resources. Call center, administrative and financial units, services and other divisions of a large service company with its five regional offices across Ukraine were promptly switched to remote work by SQ TELECOM staff. Without interrupting the workflow, IT infrastructure was reorganized in a manner that reflects teleworking specifics and has high cybersecurity requirements.

SQ TELECOM, LLC copyrights CRM system


SQ TELECOM, LLC has copyrighted a proprietary CRM system. An innovative cloud SaaS solution is a comprehensive automation of business management and customer support. From inception to implementation of the idea, CRM has been expanding its features, changed its design, added new functionality that meet business needs and is up-to-date with the technology. SQtelCRM is currently being tested and will become available by the end of Year. Users will be offered a few CRM access packages with different sets of features and telephony, as well as a trial version.