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Free and Open Source Software

  • Open Source is open source software. The source code of such software is available for viewing and modification. And this is not just a technological definition, which means the technical availability of the source codes of the program, it is a philosophical concept that implies that the source code of the software should be available to everyone, and money should be taken only for specific services (implementation, support, training, revision). The most famous representatives of this class are Linux and FreeBSD operating systems, Apache Web server, MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, Asterisk VoIP PBX, Postfix/Roundcube mail server, KVM Hypervisor and many other useful enterprise-level products.
  • Benefits of Open Source Products:
Low cost of ownership. The user pays not for using the programs themselves, but only for technical support, if needed. Dependence on manufacturers of software products, on their licensing and pricing policy, is reduced, the need for license fees is completely eliminated.
High reliability and safety. The operability and correct functioning of OpenSource products are verified by millions of enthusiasts and professionals around the world. At the same time, code availability means predictable behavior. In the field of servers used in business - database servers, mail servers, file servers, etc. Note that ensuring the stable operation of servers under heavy load requires software to be largely reliable and secure. The popularity of free software in this area shows that it is capable of providing operational reliability suitable for corporate applications.
Flexible customization possibilities. Another feature that attracts companies to Open Source software is the ability to fine-tune software to suit their individual needs and tasks. As they see fit. With proprietary solutions, organizations must use the purchased software “as is,” or pay high fees to the developer for customization.
Rapid introduction of new technologies. The growing popularity and active support of the platform, as well as its ecosystems by the leaders of the IT market, open source code directly contribute to the fact that all new opportunities and technologies quickly appear in OpenSource products.
  • Why Open Source?
Open Source solutions will be useful to everyone who cares about the security of their business information and the stability of information systems. Anyone who plans to conduct a legal business in the legal field without spending huge amounts of money to pay for licensing agreements for proprietary software.
  • SQ Telecom engineers in their projects mainly use OpenSource Software, recommend it to their clients and have great respect for the philosophy of open source software and the right to confidentiality. We are ready today to select the server Open Source solutions that are optimal for your business and implement them as soon as possible! We want to see you as our clients.