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With significant experience in solving complex infrastructure and organizational problems, SQ Telecom offers comprehensive IT infrastructure management. We monitor and administer client services, ensure information security, control the quality of work of telecom operators, third-party IT contractors and independently settle accounts with them. We provide uninterrupted work and undertake full trust management of the client's IT infrastructure.

Advantages of IT Infrastructure Maintenance on Outsourcing Terms:

  • Maximum automation of business processes and fast transition to new technologies
  • Reduction of resource costs and financial costs for IT up to 60%. The reduction in the number of full-time IT specialists leads to a decrease in the wages fund, a decrease in tax and social contributions
  • Continuous monitoring and control over the work of the information system, prevention of incidents
  • Reducing the number of failures, downtime of IT Infrastructure. Reducing the recovery time of IT services
  • Consulting of specialized specialists: database administrators, network engineers, cybersecurity engineers, programmers, etc...
  • Highly qualified IT specialists, high-quality technical support
  • Reduced production cycle
  • Financial guarantees of uninterrupted operation, we sign an SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Observance of commercial secrets, we sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), an agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information

For each project to support IT infrastructure, we conduct an audit, analyze the real needs of the customer's business, develop a project taking into account the available capabilities, the client's wishes and the budget, select the best solutions, and adapt them to specific tasks.

Delegating IT infrastructure support to an outsourcing company is a profitable investment that increases the efficiency of business management, improves communication within the company, and allows the staff to deal only with their own tasks and business development.